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Our editors are English Majors, English teachers, and traditionally published authors who know what it takes to turn a good book into a great read!

Many times, clients come to us telling us their manuscript has been edited by their sister, or neighbor or friend. If you are unsure if your book needs a professional edit, we encourage you to submit a FREE five-page edit to see if our editors recommend any further edits. The last thing you want to do is publish an unprofessional book.

Prices are as follows:

Content/Development Editing: $0.01/word

Copy/Line Editing: $0.01/word

Proofreading: $0.004/word

Second Reads: $30.00/hour

Picture Book Manuscripts: $30.00/hour

Ghost Writing: $40.00/hour

*Note: Editors will bill for partial hours, so if your project only takes thirty minutes, you will NOT be charged for the entire hour.

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