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At Day Agency, we know how important marketing is in getting your book out to the masses and we have several different options to help meet your goals.


THE most important thing you can have to help with marketing is a professional-looking website.

A clean, easy to use, and professional-looking website is key to your marketing efforts. Our web professionals can create everything you’ll need from the most basic website to a very intricate website and everything in between.


This 30+ page Marketing Playbook is personalized for your book and will give you many different methods—both free and for a fee—you can use to get the news out about your book. This includes where and how to get professional reviews, how to get your book into libraries and so much more!

The Marketing Playbook is for that author who is the do-it-yourselfer or who wants to know the options available and the costs for them.


We partner with the leading book trailer specialists in the industry to bring you the most professional-looking book trailer based on your budget!

These commercials are perfect for our digital, short-of-attention world.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is THE place to market your book, but there are tricks to doing this that all authors should know. Our professionals will help build your platforms and develop a community of readers who will share with other readers and bring them into your community.

If you don’t want or don’t have time to work on your social media, hire a virtual assistant who can post for you! Find out more here.

Blog/Review Tours

A great way to get the news out about your book is to schedule a blog/review tour! With our many contacts with bloggers and large reader websites, we can get you scheduled to appear as a guest blogger on several websites. What this does is gets your book shown to a new audience which may help you sell more books to new readers! Bloggers are always looking for new content, so they love to have author bloggers.

Amazon & Facebook Ads

Another fantastic way of advertising is by utilizing Amazon and Facebook Ads. Our professionals can set-up and monitor these ads based on your budget. These are a great way to boost your sales and get noticed by a different audience.

Contact us for more information and pricing.


In this five-second-attention-span world, memes are a great way to grab the attention of your readers. Let us help design your social media memes for advertising or every day!

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