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Independent (Self) Publishing

With the vast changes in publishing recently, many authors are choosing to self, or independently publish their book rather than the traditional route through a publishing house. Reasons range from literary agent requirements, royalty structures, and autonomy.

In self, or indie-publishing, authors maintain control over their books; from the look of their covers, content and editorial choice, interior print design and eBook design. They are also able to retain the rights to their books, work at their own pace, and collect higher royalty percentages compared to traditional publishing.

Also, in today’s market, your book may now attract the attention of an agent who could take your book to a traditional publisher for broader distribution.

The key is to ensure your book doesn’t look self-published. That is where we come in!

The most important thing we do is lead you in the right direction. So many times, previously published clients have come to our doors having paid thousands of dollars for a sub-par product. Our goal is to get you a professional-looking book at a reasonable price. We find the best editors, book designers, interior designers, eBook designers, and marketers for your book; helping motivate you to meet your goals and deadlines, etc.

Here is a successful path to making your publishing dreams come true:

Send an email to schedule a free half-hour telephone consultation.

Send us an email using our contact form and we will schedule a conference call with you to discuss your book project and explain the process and prices.

Producer Fee

We’ll bill you $200 for what we call our producer retainer. This will pay for up to four hours of professional consultation and for the time in finding the perfect editors, cover designers, etc. and working with them to give you the perfect book.


Our editors are English Majors, English teachers, and traditionally published authors who know what it takes to turn a good book into a great read!


We have several designers we use depending on the look you want for your book. This process can be started while your book is still in editing and can add that little bit of excitement to get you through the process.


Our designers will give you a custom design for your interior manuscript which will fit the tone and feel of your individual book, making it look like any bestseller on the market! Prices vary on word count.


Our eBook formatters use the latest code to create a digital eBook which as matches your print book as closely as possible. We also have basic designs available. Prices vary on word count.


Every book version (paperback, hardcover, audio, eBook) needs an ISBN to sell. ISBNs should be purchased from Bowker, the only official place to buy your ISBNs. Other outlets have ISBNs for sale—some for cheaper—but they have caveats attached, and we do not recommend using them.


We recommend using Ingram Spark and Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) for your online sales. If you are presenting in conferences or seminars and selling many books at a time, we can help you find a good printer who can print your book at quantities for better prices than Ingram Spark or KDP.


You will always own the copyright of your book. Day Agency makes no royalties and does not own any part of your book.

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